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Hermes birkin bag on the picture is exactly the same in accordance with the standard counter goods produced by Seiko, and we are particularly critical of the original leather to every detail and zoom in, whether it is leather, oblique lines, or other materials are exactly the same with the original , pro greatest fear is that "fear connoisseur a look that is imitation." High imitation goods could easily be seen to be fake, and then can not buy cheaper, or more humiliating, you can go boldly carrying this bag Hermes counter Akira circle, this baby will speak for themselves, so that the counter clerk to help identify. They are professionally trained, so that the counter lady to see what will happen after? That is the key! Afraid not know what afraid of confinement, 12 original birkin bag standard materials are exactly the same. Every detail can be pro-one comparisons: 1. Original leather. (2) the original car line. 3 original oil side. 4 standard size original handlebar. 5-inclusive positive angle exactly the same. 6 bags side shape exactly. 7 original riri zipper. 8 is the original first layer of lining sheepskin. 9 underpinning kid with the original tree. 10 original Henkel environmentally friendly glue. 11 Hardware with 3041 steel, vacuum plating, corrosion lettering 12 We adopt counter goods handmade stayed exactly the same line of work. We have 7 days no reason to return, if not exactly the same with the counter goods.

Expert first seconds of the pores can be seen from genuine leather, original leather pores must be very clear, common mobile phone can be original leather pores looks crystal clear. High imitation leather goods always avoid shooting the leather pores, you know-made high imitation leather goods in the pictures, but also very nice to get the real thing, either pure color or texture, elasticity leather, completely different. The original leather color is very pure, feel very good, very flexible. Particularly wearable.

Hermes birkin handbag used is not an ordinary chemical pigments, mineral pigments rather expensive. Mineral pigments chemical pigments can not be replaced three major advantages: First, the color is very pure, gorgeous. Second, never fade, shown with thousands of Dunhuang frescoes still remain very charming. Third, the color is very natural, no matter what color are very engaging. Use mineral pigments original leather toughness better and breathable. Moisture resistance, not aging, not stiff winter break, with self-maintenance function, usually does not require special care, our leather goods exactly the same with the counter, parents can be compared with a magnifying glass. The genuine leather is the most easily identifiable, insiders will be able to see exactly know the true and false.

The expert from the past leather pores Tell, and now is not an expert but also from the hand of the oblique line to distinguish between true and false.

Hermes birkin bags are the most important leather material and workmanship of the (genuine leather decision, workmanship decided temperament!) Our birkin bag is in accordance with the requirements of counter goods handmade craft, our next suture material error is definitely not enough allow more than 0.1 mm. doing out of the bag will be very correct type smooth temperament, money bags to use this equipment we are all professional equipment imported from Germany. We are positioning the infrared laser cutting sewing, the error is minimal. So we do out of the bag type is very smooth and elegant.

Known: counter goods are pure hand-made, every stitch is hand slash (not machines flat pin straight). Are slash. Lines very plump. Lines and is very compact and tight leather, this manual approach is very hard worker, very slow, so long a finger is very painful, but it is very strong, and durable. If you understand the difference between hand-stitched and machine work, you will be more respected handmade birkin bag! Karen Wang birkin bag is pure handmade workmanship and counter goods practice, stitch are meticulous, car line is very neat, delicate, very strong three-dimensional sense.

hermes birkin bag

Hermes birkin bag all the original parts of the force are critical to enhance the transport firm line. Counter goods handle the pressure a bit line is very clear handle on both sides of the car line is like two parallel lines parallel to the same neat, every detail is art, in addition, the handle counter goods is very full, very flexible, lines very smooth, feel good, to mention a very elegant and comfortable. Our birkin bag handlebars and handlebar work exactly the same counter goods, true! ! ! birkin bag private car line by more than one hundred shares of hemp wax lines, very tough wear also used 20 years is not bad. Delicate, three-dimensional sense is very strong. Our chartered platinum wire counter goods vehicle with this line, as parents can be compared with a magnifying glass. The oil side counter goods, be able to see a combination of multi-layered leather natural texture, will not crack in winter, summer clothes will not stick. Our birkin bag oil side with this counter goods, like oil side, parents can be compared with a magnifying glass. Designed diagram is a tree cream counter goods made of leather with a bottom liner can be freely bent, so that the use of the process is not afraid of pressure, not afraid to touch, not easily broken. This is also an important part of insiders to distinguish between true and false. Our birkin bag at the bottom and the bottom of this counter goods, like parents can compare the test.

Why lady in developed countries are obsessed birkin bag? Why Faye Wong, Zhang Ziyi, Korea, Hollywood superstar should Hermes birkin bag? Why is the entry-level price of birkin bag will Hermes birkin bag 120,000, advanced a few million, but also to two years ahead of scheduled? Why is David Beckham's wife will use $ 56 million dollars or buy birkin bag of the series? Why do so many women do not want to spend two years waiting for a boyfriend, but willing to spend two years waiting for a birkin bag? Reason 1, birkin bag re-expression of what can be called "real wealth!" Do not reach out to the people's called a real rich! Need a loan to borrow money is not really wealthy billionaire, bow down to the superiors of Officials are not honored, while birkin bag person is not required to reach out to people who stooped Fortunate! Reason 2, the comparisons! In China, everyone living in someone else's evaluation of them, live in comparisons between people, while birkin bag is a woman comparisons between nuclear weapons! Is a woman's best cosmetic, mix and match any clothing, suitable for any season and time. Ten sets of clothing as this section birkin bag, self-confidence to any place, confident interview any important figure is a woman's ultimate dream!

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