The Heart of Asean Sourcing Excellence

Thailand has long been considered one of the world’s top sourcing destinations for industrial parts and equipment. Today it is No. 1 with large multinational corporations and a wide range of industries look to us for high quality industrial parts. The machinery and parts industry is one of Thailand’s strongest manufacturing sectors. Growth here climbed 193% from 2009 to 2014. And from January to April of 2016 the machinery and parts industry has already exported equipment valued at some 2.28 billion Baht.

The Auto-parts market is another booming area. The Department of International Trade Promotion expects the value of automobile and autoparts to increase by 3.8 percent throughout 2016 to 1.13 trillion Baht. Government policy in developing the automotive industry is to promote manufacturing of hybrid, eco, electric and hydrogen vehicles. Thailand has plans to be the manufacturing hub for hi-tech vehicles of the next generation. This will result in strong demand for next generation auto-parts.

Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has established a new Super-Cluster Policy with Incentives designed to attract more investments and industry expansion. Some of the industries at the heart of the Super-Cluster policy include: Automotive and Parts Clusters, Electrical Appliances, Electronics, along with Telecommunication Equipment Clusters, Medical Devices and a general Manufacturing Cluster.

With government support in the form of policies and incentives as above SUBCON Thailand 2017 will be ASEAN’s Largest Sourcing and Business Matching Event for Industrial Parts - the ‘Heart of ASEAN’s Industrial Parts Sourcing Industry’.